$1 Million Guaranteed Jackpot!

MyLottoCoin has partnered with Emirat AG to insure the jackpot of its lottery games.

Project Overview

In the wake of an increased blockchain offering, lotteries have had to adapt and change their approach to stay relevant to a new generation of players that soon expect to do everything on blockchain. With an increased blockchain adoption and a shift in consumer behavior, it’s time to focus on a seamless, secure, and autonomous solution that converges traditional experience and disruptive technologies.

MyLottoCoin is the world’s first fully autonomous blockchain-based solution incorporating the elements of traditional lotteries into the security, reliability, transparency and performance of blockchain technology and offers a multifaceted approach to simplifying the current lottery model and fixing its defects by enabling fast, reliable, and tamper-proof technology access to players, while maintaining the traditional elements.

A fully permissionless DeFi-powered play-to-earn DApp

What is the problem?

Traditional lottery has many problems. Just to name a few:




Excessive OPEX


Slow & Laborious


Claim is a challenge


Limited privacy


Ticket dependency

What is the Opportunity?

The lottery market has witnessed a significant growth over the past years and inclining at a 10% rate, but despite this significant growth, there are worries concerning trust, security, transparency and reliability. The other unspoken elephant in the room is the fact of excessive administrative and operating expenses that could be pooled back to the community and players. There is a pressing need for an overhaul of the whole lottery industry, a multifaceted approach to simplifying the current lottery model and fixing its defects that leverages the advantages of blockchain technology.

Our goal is to build with our partners the infrastructure that allows official and state lotteries to be more circular, with near-zero operating and maintenance cost, in a format designed for the blockchain age ensuring both traditional lottery players and blockchain-enthusiasts enjoy the future, today, while empowering players and maintaining the traditional elements.

MyLottoCoin's Solution


Largest Prize Pool

A near-zero administrative and operating cost allows allocating the largest percentage to the prize pool than ever.


Smart & Autonomous

Platform is autonomously operated by smart contracts; Source code, prize pool balance and pay-outs are public.


Reward Program

A community-centric reward program reconceptualizing the lottery model by a tokenized play-to-earn initiative.


No Registration

No registration and prior deposit required to play, ensuring the entire experience begins and ends as at a retail store.


Claimless Pay-outs

Effortless, claimless, instant and automatic pay-outs, thanks to the autonomous process executed by smart contracts.


Seamless & Secure

An intuitive user experience combined with state-of-the-art technology making the whole process seamless and secure.

Uniqueness of MyLottoCoin

MyLottoCoin’s blockchain-based solution, with a touch from traditional lotteries, provides a full inclusion model that extends beyond current platforms.


Disruptive Yet Inclusive

Addressing a real-world-problem and bringing the most wished decentralized features into play, and yet not missing out on conventional lottery players and rules where a total inclusion has been made possible.


Play-2-Earn (Staking+)

Reconceptualizing the lottery model, a tokenized play-to-earn feature powered by the project’s native token, integrated with a distinctive reward program to empower players to always be part of the game and win.



Using results declared by official lotteries through a robust process, draws are not based on Random Number Generation (RNG), as in stateless smart contracts, it is impossible to truly generate random numbers.

Play to Earn-Hodl to Reward

MyLottoCoin has introduced a community-centric reward program reconceptualizing the lottery model by a tokenized play-to-earn and Hodl-to-Reward initiative, as the first of its kind, empowering players to always be part of the game and win.

In order to facilitate and autonomize the reward program, MyLottoCoin has issued its own native utility token, MYL. Out of the total supply of BSC-based BEP-20 MYL token (100 million), 50% is allocated for free distribution among players (Play-2-Earn), and 10% of total ticket sale is redistributed to MYL token holders in proportion to the tokens in circulation, autonomously every 3 months and irrespective of playing games (Hodl-2-Reward in BNB).


Play on MYL DApp

Managed autonomously by the smart contract, for every 5 tickets in a single entry, players are eligible to receive free MYL token airdrop.


MYL Token Airdrop

Players instantly receive 10 MYL tokens, airdropped to their BSC wallet, the same BSC wallet address the payment is made to purchase the tickets.


Hold to Reward in BNB

Hodlers of minimum MYL100 throughout each reward quarter, autonomously receive a share of total sale (proportionately) in BNB every 90 days.

MYL Token Distribution

project roadmap

Q2 2020 Kick-off and Team Development
Q4 2020 DApp Launch on Ethereum
Q3 2021 Full Migration to BSC
Q4 2021 DApp Launch on BSC
Q1 2022 CEX/DEX Listings
Q2-Q4 2022 Partnership with Traditional Lotteries
Q3-Q4 2022 World-Famous Themed Lotteries
Q4 2022 Native Mobile App
Q1-Q2 2023 Multi-chain Integration
Q2 2023 Lucky Tickets NFT Marketplace
Q3 2023 Claimless Scratch-off Games
Q4 2023 Partnership with Crypto ATMs



Lalit Bansal


ICOBench Top 20 Advisor (#14), Crypto Enthusiast, Blockchain Expert, Entrepreneur, Investor, and Speaker are the major features that describe Lalit best. As a leading entrepreneur with many years of experience and a proven track record in advising numerous successful blockchain-based projects, Lalit's mission is to develop a culture of entrepreneurship, helping start-ups achieve their full potential as well as helping to expand existing companies.


Jillian Godsil


Jillian Godsil is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster and author. She is the co-founder of the Blockleaders.io, awarded 2019 Blockchain Journalist at CC Forum London, and named as one of the 50 most influential women in Blockchain. Jillian was an activist in Ireland during the financial crash, changed the law in Ireland in 2014, and is a former European Parliamentary candidate. She is a board member of EOS Dublin, and keynotes and chairs blockchain events around the world.


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As a German Blockchain-IT-Forensics expert, Michael is committed to bring the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) by the decentralized infrastructure of web 3.0 and Industry 4.0 to the global society. He is a Blockchain Advisor for attorneys and law firms and the author of the book “The Role of the Internet in Finding Lawyers”, walking on a crazy line between being an SEO coach and a blockchain forensics specialist for law firms.

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