Project Overview

Designed to be fair, My Lotto Coin is an innovative lotto game, which incorporates the joy of traditional lotto experience into the security, reliability, transparency and performance of blockchain technology, to ensure both traditional lotto players and crypto-enthusiasts enjoy the future, today, while empowering players by giving back to the community.

My Lotto Coin is the world’s first fully and truly decentralized and transparent cryptocurrency lottery operated by an Ethereum smart contract making it the most trusted and secured lottery in the world.

A lottery game that is conventionally ruled, anonymously played, and autonomously operated

What is the problem?

Traditional lottery has many problems. Just to name a few:


Regional games


Unfair house edge


Slow and low pay-outs


Claim is a challenge


Limited privacy


Ticket dependency

What is the opportunity?

The lotto market has witnessed a significant growth over the past years and inclining at a 10% rate. A big portion of this market (about 50%) is consumed as house edge, whereas it can be given back to the community and players.

In reality, this house edge portion, is taken out of players pocket, which means players pay for something that they will never get back, even if they win the jackpot. In My Lotto Coin, house edge is only 5% of jackpot which is compensated for operating expenses.

Solution: My Lotto Coin


Biggest Prize Pool Ever

85% of lottery ticket sales goes to the prize pool. My Lotto Coin allocates the largest percentage to the jackpot and winners than any traditional and online lottery around the world.



The Ethereum smart contract is public, and anyone with Internet access can see the source code, payments, smart contract balance, and prize pay-outs and all transactions at all time.



All prize and reward distributions are guaranteed by the Ethereum smart contract, with no human or third party involvement, benefiting the safe and secure blockchain environment.


Global Access

Anyone who has Internet access, an Ethereum crypto wallet and some ETH balance, can play with no country, and citizenship restrictions.


MYL Rewards

For every 10 tickets purchased in one time, players will automatically receive 10 MYL tokens airdropped to their ETH wallets by the smart contract.



Unlike traditional and online lotteries, winners remain anonymous and no identity is exposed at any stage, since no sign-up or registration is required.


Claimless Pay-outs

Pay-outs are in ETH, and received in players ETH wallet address; the same ETH wallet address the payment is made to purchase the tickets, without any need to claim.


The first of its kind

A Fully Decentralized and Transparent crypto-lottery operated by an Ethereum smart contract making it the most trusted, independent, anonymous, and secure lottery in the world!



All lottery ticket purchases, prize pool, and prize pay-outs are public and recorded on the Ethereum blockchain, managed by a smart contract, with no human involvement.

Uniqueness of My Lotto Coin

My Lotto Coin is a permissionless, DeFi-powered lottery, bringing the most wished decentralized features into play.


Players Wallet of Choice

Integrated with MetaMask, players use their own wallet to directly purchase tickets. In order to eliminate security risks and build trust in players, no wallet is maintained on My Lotto Coin platform.


Biggest Prize Pool Ever

85% of lottery ticket sales go to the prize pool. My Lotto Coin allocates the largest percentage to the jackpot and winners than any traditional and online lottery around the world.


Reward Program

For every 10 tickets purchased in one time, players receive 10 MYL tokens airdropped to their Ethereum wallet.
MYL token holders receive 10% of ticket sales autonomously every 3 months.


No Login or Signup

Tickets are instantly purchased without prior deposit and players have the full control of their crypto assets. Players pay directly in ETH from their wallet without signing up or making any prior deposit.


Real-time Jackpot

In any draw, prize pool is based on the sold tickets and collected fund in the smart contract, which can publicly be seen on Ethereum blockchain and raises with each ticket sold, forwarded to next draws until it's won.



Results are based on the U.S. Powerball drawing. Draws are not based on Random Number Generation (RNG), rather the smart contract captures the draw winning numbers from the U.S. Powerball website, live and instantly.

Tokenized Reward Program

For 10 lottery tickets in a single purchase, 10 MYL tokens will be automatically airdropped into the player’s wallet; the same ETH wallet address the payment is made to purchase the tickets.

The total supply of Ethereum-based ERC-20 MYL tokens is limited to 100 million, thus its value will grow over time as demand increases. Each lottery game has a pool of 10 million MYL tokens, which is allocated to players upon purchase of 10 tickets from the respective lottery game.

Refer to project roadmap for more details of all lottery games.

MYL token holders (MYL100 and above) receive 10% of ticket sales in ETH in proportion to circulated tokens, autonomously every 3 months and irrespective of playing games.


Buy 10 tickets per entry

Managed autonomously by the smart contract, for every 10 tickets purchased at one time, players are eligible to receive 10 MYL tokens.


Receive MYL tokens

Players instantly receive 10 MYL tokens in their ETH wallet, the same ETH wallet address the payment is made to purchase the tickets.


Get rewards in ETH

Hodlers of MYL100 and above receive 10% of total lottery tickets sold on proportionately, in ETH every 90 days.

MYL Token Distribution

Funds received from ticket sales go to

project roadmap

Dec 2020 Project & 1st lottery game launch (U.S. Powerball)
Jul 2021 MYL mobile app and wallet release
Sep 2021 2nd lottery game launch (Mega Millions)
Nov 2021 Partnership with DeFi Platforms
Dec 2021 3rd lottery game launch (Canada649)
Mar 2022 4th lottery game launch (EuroMillions)
Apr 2022 Exchange listing
Jun 2022 5th lottery game launch (SuperEnalotto)
Dec 2022 Ticket sale partnership with crypto ATMs
Dec 2023 MYL-powered DeFi casino



Lalit Bansal


ICOBench Top 20 Advisor (#14), Crypto Enthusiast, Blockchain Expert, Entrepreneur, Investor, and Speaker are the major features that describe Lalit best. As a leading entrepreneur with many years of experience and a proven track record in advising numerous successful blockchain-based projects, Lalit's mission is to develop a culture of entrepreneurship, helping start-ups achieve their full potential as well as helping to expand existing companies.


Jillian Godsil


Jillian Godsil is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster and author. She is the co-founder of the, awarded 2019 Blockchain Journalist at CC Forum London, and named as one of the 50 most influential women in Blockchain. Jillian was an activist in Ireland during the financial crash, changed the law in Ireland in 2014, and is a former European Parliamentary candidate. She is a board member of EOS Dublin, and keynotes and chairs blockchain events around the world.


Michael Gehlert


As a German Blockchain-IT-Forensics expert, Michael is committed to bring the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) by the decentralized infrastructure of web 3.0 and Industry 4.0 to the global society. He is a Blockchain Advisor for attorneys and law firms and the author of the book “The Role of the Internet in Finding Lawyers”, walking on a crazy line between being an SEO coach and a blockchain forensics specialist for law firms.

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